Thursday, 30 May 2013

Ooh La La Lingerie ;)

Don't you just love Victoria's Secret… & the irony of it all. I mean it's a secret! Guess why!!! Go on I dare you!!! Guess!!!

Cause your underwear is a secretttt! *GASPS* teehee

Well at least it should be… I for one do not go around advertising my underwear… bikinis are different though… I guess… but why is that? 

How come girls can take pictures in their bikinis with tag lines such as ‘#summertime woohoo’ & all that jazz yet if it's a girl in her underwear -which is more or less the same thing- she's labelled a hoe, slut, whore amongst other profanities? Just goes to show how narrow minded and frankly messed up people are. 

Especially since in today's world sun bathing topless with a thong on is acceptable! Why? Because it's sunbathing not broadcasting your body to hundreds of people on a public beach.  Which is what it looks like to me. 

Maybe I'm just the only one that doesn't wanna have to go to a beach and be covering my eyes because some woman is lounging around in her birthday suit -_-. Maybe I'M the crazy one! 

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