Thursday, 30 May 2013

Ooh La La Lingerie ;)

Don't you just love Victoria's Secret… & the irony of it all. I mean it's a secret! Guess why!!! Go on I dare you!!! Guess!!!

Cause your underwear is a secretttt! *GASPS* teehee

Well at least it should be… I for one do not go around advertising my underwear… bikinis are different though… I guess… but why is that? 

How come girls can take pictures in their bikinis with tag lines such as ‘#summertime woohoo’ & all that jazz yet if it's a girl in her underwear -which is more or less the same thing- she's labelled a hoe, slut, whore amongst other profanities? Just goes to show how narrow minded and frankly messed up people are. 

Especially since in today's world sun bathing topless with a thong on is acceptable! Why? Because it's sunbathing not broadcasting your body to hundreds of people on a public beach.  Which is what it looks like to me. 

Maybe I'm just the only one that doesn't wanna have to go to a beach and be covering my eyes because some woman is lounging around in her birthday suit -_-. Maybe I'M the crazy one! 

Monday, 27 May 2013

Unanswered Questions

So many times I've felt like breaking down and crying, the pain proving to be too much for me. To fight something physically holds nothing against a mental war. The realisation that holding everything inside is slowly destroying you and the decent relationships you have left is alarming yes; but not enough. Not enough to make you wanna surrender the only thing you seem to have left. Your sanity. So you keep it within, your problem, your solution right? 

Wrong. Cause when the tide is high and the issues mount up, your unravelling, loosing your cool, slipping up, your guard is down, your vulnerable; who do you turn to? When your problem are uncountable and the solutions unattainable, who do you turn to? Where do you turn to? When it's proven to be too much.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Emotional Toll.

People don't realise how much comments can affect a person. Not everyone is built the same, not everyone can take an obnoxious comment and brush it off. I would know. But it gets to a point where you realise (no matter how cliché it is) life is tooooo short! It really is! Worrying about what this that and the other has to say to you will only affect you mentally and emotionally, which is not a road ANYONE wants to take! Seriously, I wouldn't wish the stress on my worst enemy guys. 

Just the way it is. 

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Letter to myself.

Be proud of yourself, you've come so far. Usually you wouldn't have even considered getting up and going with them but not now. Now your able to walk away knowing you've done the right thing. The careless life no longer interests you. One day I know you'll be able to walk away from them & everyone else who will ever bring any kind of negativity to your life. It's hard sometimes but give yourself credit hunny, remember how you were just a few months ago. It may hurt now thinking you have to let go of everyone but that's not true you should be a vessel in their life show them the way, encourage them that their loved by not only the name above all names but also by you. But most of all share your testimony ! How are you meant to encourage  others and show them how far you've come when they don't even know your story ?! 

It's all good preaching about righteousness and good news, but when you don't share your own good news your a hypocrite ! No way to sugar coat it. 

Love yourself, in all you do and all you say, be who you are in all your flaws, God made you that way and loves you for it. 

Monday, 20 May 2013

Things I hate!

I hate being by myself, like not lonely lonely, like there's no one in site, but like there's no one around that I personally know. It's kind of depressing, I don't like not knowing what to do with myself, loneliness is not my forte, I'm used to being surrounded by people, even if I'm not particularly close to them. Oh my gosh, I also don't like when people look too closely at me too, it feels weird, like they're judging me… maybe it's just me being paranoid.... It feels like you suddenly grew another head of something dumb & stare worthy like that, I dunno… I'm a weirdo, I over think things like that, I look too closely into things… one of them… you decide.